From Participants to Co-Directors

Journeying down The North Mountain, past the Hidden Folk, and into Arendelle was a dream of ours. The Square Foot Theatre has always been our own little “Arendelle” filled with adventure, chaos, fun, friends, but most importantly love and family.  (Oh, and of course lots and lots of hygge!)

Everyone longs to find friendships that last a lifetime, and that’s what we found from growing up in SFT’s Summer Theatre Program. It’s what we strive to help the kids find and carry with them outside of this theatre. This show has been such an amazing example of how important friendship and family is and we can’t thank Jared, Patrick, and the SFT Board for allowing us to conquer the monster that is Frozen Jr.

To the parents who have volunteered their time, Patrick who worked tirelessly to help our visions come to life, and our family and friends for being the light that thaws away the coldness of the world, thank you. 

These kids have been a dream to work with and they’re passion is unlike any other. Thank you for giving them the opportunity to express themselves here at SFT and let them spend their summer having a blast with us!

We’re so thrilled to open up the gates and invite you into the world of Frozen Jr!

Jane Kos and Joey Mulvey